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ENGIN™ is a single, transparent playbook for utility providers.

Behind our easy-to-navigate interface is a robust asset management system that monitors the complex aspects of electric systems.

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Your utilities company probably already has an asset management system in place.

Here's why ENGIN™ is better.

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For power infrastructure owners looking to invest in better asset management.

What you get.

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Asset Condition Assessments

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Failure Consequence analytics

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Asset survival analytics

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Grid connectivity based scenarios

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Bottom up reliability forecasts

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Historized planning

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Business intelligence reporting

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Integrations and automations

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We aim to be a single source of truth for utilities.

ENGIN™ is not another black box software for the utility industry - transparency and flexibility are paramount.

Get more reliable forecasts and start making better decisions.

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About ENGIN™

Embracing and controlling uncertainty is a must for the utility industry. In order to plan for future work, providers must conduct investment planning and outcome forecasting that includes detailed plans for asset management, while also recognizing and assessing data maturity, and project allocations and completions. Ensuring accuracy and consistency for these plans are difficult.

We know these plans take time, staff investment and historical knowledge. Our team comes from a pedigree of utility providers and consulting organizations in the utility industry.

From the field to regulatory and back, we have experienced the empty promise of what asset management has become.

We developed a user-friendly platform for utility analytics that delivers the insights that matter. Our study capabilities let users analyze the information to reduce the risk of unexpected events, and develop a plan to prevent future system disruptions.

Achieve reliable outcomes for lower cost.

Who we work with.

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